February 15, 2020

"Full service, great customer relations. Si habla espanol......."
February 8, 2020

"Love the service and very attentive on my vehicle!"
December 23, 2019

"Brought my daughter's corolla to the shop to check the faint noise I thought I heard. They spent more than 30 minutes and even let me drive the vehicle to check where the noise was coming from. It turned out my front brakes needed replacing including the rotors. Miguel and his crew are very courteous, spends the time to explain to you everything. Now, they are working on my old 2006 Mercedes E350."
December 18, 2019

"My car was fixed about two months ago by the wonderful technicians here and I can say I am beyond pleased with their work! I wanted to wait until I knew for sure there were no issues with the work afterwards to give a well informed review. Being new to Houston, with a small child and an older 97 Toyota Avalon, I can say I’ve found my spot for any major repair work! Driving into the lot, you can tell they do superior work with all of the foreign cars being worked on. Reasonable price and excellent work! Thank you all so much for getting me back on the road!!!"
December 16, 2019

"I took my Vanderhall Venice to M Power to get diagnosed. My Venice had sat at the dealer for 9 weeks and they were unable to fix it. Since Vanderhall is a boutique manufacturer I was really limited on confident mechanics. I was happy to find Miguel, he diagnosed and fixed the problem in 2 days. I have since brought in my regular car for him to do the service. Prices here are far better than the dealer and Miguel is very fair. I highly recommend."
M Power Motorhouse