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Today’s vehicles are becoming increasingly reliant on computers and electrical systems. While this isn’t a bad thing, it does present a number of potential challenges for home mechanics. If you drive a recent model, even the smallest issue will likely require professional assistance.

The technicians at M Power Motorhouse are capable of working on vehicles of virtually all makes and models. Regardless of the type of computing system that’s on-board in your vehicle, you can rely on our friendly, dedicated team members to provide you with excellent service at an affordable rate. Our shop offers a range of solutions relating to auto electrical services in Houston, Missouri City, and Sugar Land, TX, including:

  • Electrical diagnostics

    As trusted providers of electrical system diagnostics and repair in Houston, TX, M Power Motorhouse has the tools and expertise necessary to effectively diagnose and treat virtually any electrical issue that your vehicle may be encountering.

  • Electrical repair

    There are a number of problems that may arise in your electrical system ranging from a shorted fuse to bad wiring. Regardless of the issue that you’re facing with your vehicle, you can depend on the talented, knowledgeable professionals at our shop to assist you.

  • Alternator repair

    The alternator uses the motor to generate electricity for the battery. If the alternator in your vehicle is working incorrectly, it could be causing your batter to not charge fully. A faulty alternator can lead to a slew of other problems, as well. If it’s determined that your alternator is at fault, we’ll repair or replace it.

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Contact one of our representatives today to learn more, we’ll be able to assist you with a wide range of potential solutions for your electrical systems, suspension repair, European vehicle maintenance, and more.

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